All of these are usually not commendable for food, at least in Europe. But in China and other parts of East Asia, the story is completely different. Such virtues are sought, but not avoided.

Under the same denominator, the texture is “Q” – or a mysterious food characteristic that we did not even know we lacked. If you’ve ever tasted mochi – a sticky cake of rice, that’s what it’s aimed at. Asians’ food structure is as important as taste.

That’s why crazy tea with rubber balls tapioca 

Bubble tea in Asia is an absolute hit, and they love it in other parts of the world. The food with the perfect Q factor is neither too soft nor tough, just like a good quality candy or marshmallow.

In China, there are names for the texture of foods that after being bite returns to the original position, such as the udder of noodles. There is often talk about what kind of dessert creates a feeling in your mouth, and not just what it tastes.

It’s not unusual food that consists of two components – one that is so subtle that almost no taste, but it’s interesting structures and other flavors.

Apart from the cooked, creamy, hard, dry or dungy, it is also about moisture, density, abrasion, and stickiness, which are the characteristics that the chef paid attention during the preparation.


Who does not like to eat spaghetti with Bolognese sauce? This traditionally Italian dish of pasta, minced meat and tomatoes is found in almost everyone’s chef’s repertoire. Still, most amateur chefs (and some professionals) are doing “beginner” mistakes when preparing them. Find out where you’re mistaken …

1. Wide noodles, not spaghetti

Pasta Bolognese is probably the most popular Italian pasta dish in the world. While most of the world’s tomato sauce of tomato and ground meat overpay over spaghetti, in Bologna, where the recipe comes from, they all use tagliatelle, or the type of broad noodles. In this way, the sauce better absorbs the ingredients and offers you a completely new gastronomic experience.

2. Potop pasta

Italians believe that pasta is a queen of dishes, and sauce is just an ornament on her crown. In other words, this dish should not “sink” with a liter of sauces, but the noodles gently “break down” with tomatoes, meat and other ingredients. Here’s how to cook pasta properly.



If the dough is too rare, thicken it you can chia the seeds you leave in a little water for about ten minutes. Salt and pepper and spice with oregano and mother’s milk. Pour the mixture onto the baking paper and after 15 minutes remove, add the ham, cheese, tomato or filling, and then seal.

In addition to flasks and florists can play the main role in the preparation of dough. Cook it briefly in water, steam or microwave, then chop, rinse and mix with eggs in the mixture and sprinkle. For the paste, look here.

When it catches hunger, the pizza pizza solution is fast. If you are in a hurry, you can use frozen french fries, and it’s great and homemade. Sprinkle it, place it in a baking tray and soak it with tomato sauce. Add grated mozzarella and ham or kulen and bake until cheese melts.


Fry the meat that we just took out of the refrigerator
If you place a cold and wet piece of meat in a heated pan, we will cause spraying of oil on all sides and reduce the possibility of baking the crispy slice. The meat should be taken out of the refrigerator for half an hour before panning and must be dried with a paper towel before placing it in the egg, flour and bread crumbs. In this way, you will prevent the separation of the paned meat cover from the meat when you place it in a hot pan.To make a steak a delicious and crispy sheath, it is necessary to dip it into the food to pan several times. Be detailed and cover with eggs, flour and bread crumbs each part of the surface of the cut, thus guaranteeing an unbeatable gastronomic pleasure. Do not hesitate and press the crumbs as hard as possible into the surface of the meat.



In the breakfast culture, eggs are, most often, a basic food. The taste of eggs allows you to be creative, and baking variations are tailored to every taste.
One of the more elegant egg dishes is certainly omelette. A seemingly simple pancake of eggs requires a technique that is not difficult to master, and if it happens, any mistake will certainly be delicious. The omelette must be luxurious, creamy and always freshly prepared. We bring you several secrets to help you master the omelette baking technique.

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